Pride month is coming to a close, and travel is on the move, but it is still a wonderful time to get out and enjoy an LGBT+ friendly holiday! Last time we talked about just one of our fabulous members, Huben Travel, and now we’re bringing you another Pride-filled member, with a more mainstream approach, Chillimix. 

After noticing “the lack of a mainstream provider,” David McDonald was inspired to start up an awesome LGBT+ travel company. He stated that, “all the competition that we had at the time was focusing on local and tailor-made. We wanted to be able to focus on the beach and more mainstream market.” 

And thus, Chillimix was created. Focused on delivering the popular ideal holiday at the beach, but with all the dedication to ensuring all destinations and suppliers are LGBT+ inclusive, Chillimix created a service that means consumers can enjoy a safe holiday, without leaving behind the classic destinations in favour for LGBT+ exclusives.  

For David, Pride in travel doesn’t just mean safe travel for all, but “full inclusivity for all [their] customers.” So, no matter your destination or perfect holiday, you can have complete peace of mind. 

What is Travel Doing for Pride?

“The travel industry massively supports Pride,” David said, and we couldn’t agree more. Though the volume or type of support differs from company to company, the travel industry is one of the most inclusive industries around. 

David talked about how “some key partners of [Chillimix] really support Pride, so they’d do a lot of sponsoring,” mentioning Virgin Atlantic and their huge contributions to Pride in travel, with events aplenty.  

He also brought up how the travel industry has a huge LGBT+ community amongst it. There’s a wonderful sense of giving back, with LGBT+ community members creating businesses like Chillimix to support other members of the community on holiday. 

It is a wonderfully united sector in this sense, and only makes mainstream LGBT+ services like Chillimix that much more valuable for the community. 

What Kind of Holidays Can You Look Forward to with Chillimix?

At Chillimix, it’s all about the destinations, David said. “We work closely with the IGLTA to make sure that the destinations we’re selling into are safe and that [LGBT+ folks] have got rights over here,” he added.  

He discussed how dedicated Chillimix is to ensure that when anyone travels somewhere there could be trouble abroad, they’ve got rights and are well protected to that they can return to their holiday with minimal stress. 

From Benidorm (one of David’s own favourites) to Tel Aviv, Celebrity Cruises and New Orleans, they provide a wide variety of destinations, all of which have been checked and researched to make sure that customers can have exactly the holiday they’ve planned. 

David also mentioned the exclusive contracts they do with some hotels and suppliers, such as LGBT+ specific hotels, so their customers can get the best rates too. Holiday with Chillimix is all-inclusive in all aspects. Their “core product is getting people to safe destinations,” and providing classic holidays with minimum stress.  

One of their most popular destinations in 2021-2023 is Gran Canaria because of winter Pride taking place soon. So, we highly recommend you check out the Chillimix site and get booking now before you miss out on that spectacular event.  

When discussing travel in 2022 and 2023, David enthusiastically spoke about how “people can do a lot more extensive, a lot more experimental” travel now with Chillimix in the coming years as people are booking up. They’ve struck a new deal with Latin Greeks where “they’re putting a bespoke, contract tour together just for [Chillimix’s] customers through Brazil”.  

If you’re looking for an exciting holiday out in the sun, this could be the ideal get away for the coming year in 2022. 

Why Should You Book with Chillimix Right Now?

If you’re not already convinced to book with our fabulous Protected Trust Services member, Chillimix, they’ll have you hook, line, and sinker with the core of their business: everything is included. 

They are taking the all-inclusive above and beyond, with “loads of added value to each customer’s holiday. Things like upgraded fast track security at the airport,” or booze cruises for the refined tastebuds among you. From big things like the ease of package holiday, to the little things that just make your holiday that extra bit more special, all of this comes in one beautiful, beachy package with Chillimix. 

We are so proud to have special Pride-focused companies like Chillimix as our members, giving security and fantastic trips to the community, and it is wonderful to be able to celebrate Pride Month with such wonderful people.  

Under our dedicated consumer protection, you won’t find such an inclusive, easy, and great holiday for Pride any time of year, as with Chillimix. So, if you’d like to get booking you can visit the Chillimix site for more information on their fantastic service. 

Or, if you’d like to learn more about your consumer protection all year around, and discover more of travel’s awesome Pride companies, visit our site, or call up our friendly staff at 0207 190 9988 . 

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