Department for International Trade

The Department of International Trade (DIT) is the UK Government’s department responsible for developing UK business across the globe, and for facilitating inward and outward investment. Thorough operational support is also offered by this specialist government department.

PTS have a strong relationship with the DIT and are proud to offer a business solution to support the companies they are working with.

“PTS service and collaboration with the DIT and our inward investment customers to make the UK a GREAT place for businesses to access the UK”

Paul Webster, DIT

PTS only considers business membership when the International Company are working with both PTS and The DIT.

The PTS partnership with the DIT is not applicable for all UK based members and applications. It is only applicable to foreign investors and International companies.

Paul Webster from the DIT who is the Business & Banking Specialist “Department of International Trade has worked in partnership with Protected Trust Services since 2015. The partnership and collaboration have provided a new service that simplifies and accelerates the ability of international businesses to enter the UK market with a customer-centric solution.”

Department for International Trade