The PTS For Independent Travel Agents

PTS has launched a new innovative solution for experienced independent travel agents.

A new and innovative solution for independent travel agents. The most profitable way to work from home, selling travel in the UK. Bespoke booking software, full Package Travel Regulation compliance, full access to leading suppliers with excellent rates, the ability to add your own suppliers, your own ATOL – a complete package including everything you need to run a successful travel business from home.

PTS offer bespoke solutions – Whether you are already trading or starting up. Whether you are looking to run your own travel agency as a solo agent or you are looking to employ further agents. We have a wide array of independent travel agents joining PTS that trade in different manners and we are proud to work with each PTS member as an individual.

PTS offer a complete solution that allows you to build your travel business and thrive. Furthermore, PTS is purely a scaffolding system and enabler resulting in you retaining 100% of your commission. We are the only solution of our kind and we are delighted with the amount of independent agents who have joined us in 2019.

PTS require independent travel agents to have at least two years experience in the travel industry or extensive transferrable skills .

Our Independent Travel Agents Package Includes

The PTS independent travel agent solution allows you to be just that – completely independent. At PTS we have in essence created the scaffolding and tools to allow you to run your own travel business and maintain your own well-earned profit and ensuring you are Package Travel Regulation Compliant. You can add your own suppliers, you will have the complete ability to dynamic package and the ability to build niche packages that will give your travel business a competitive edge.

PTS offers a completely new way for independent travel agents to operate in the travel industry. We offer a comprehensive software solution that has been designed by PTS travel professionals for independent home workers and travel agents.


PTS is an ATOL Franchisee. All PTS Members can apply for a bond-free ATOL. Prices start from £758


PTS’ strong partnerships with travel business insurance providers ensure excellent rates for members

Merchant Services

PTS partners with leading merchant providers ensuring PTS members secure merchant services and excellent rates.

Currency Hedging

PTS FX partners offer excellent currency rates to all PTS members allowing for larger profit margins

Travel Software

The PTS innovative cloud-based software was voted to be in the top 5 Disrupt Awards by Travel Technology Europe

Trust Account

Independent trust account to ensure PTR compliance. Monies can be released pre-travel date

Travel Suppliers

Choose from our global network of travel suppliers, or add your own custom suppliers to our database

Member Support

PTS pride itself on fully supporting its members. Advice is complimentary and we are available to our members

Package Travel Regulations

PTS members are fully Package Travel Regulation Compliant which is a legal requirement for most travel companies.

Consumer Protection

Booking with PTS members offers full Package Travel Regulation protection to consumers

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